Apartment "Libellula" (read: lee-bell-u-lah, means:dragonfly).

A great solution for 2 people, or a couple and a kid. Nice view.Wide.Comfortable. I like it !

In the following picture, the apartment "Libellula" is in position number 1, it's in Filicudi Fossetta right under the church of Pecorini, which is labeled by number 3. Our other villas are in position 2, less than 100 steps far.

filicudi fossetta

The terrace, ok for 2-4 people! See the gorgeous view! The sea, sicily at night, the great starry sky!

Vista dal monolocale sopra,filicudi, mare

This apartment is on top opf the apartment "aquilone".
Both apartment are circled in yellow in the picture.
foto monolocali

Same view, wider angle:

monolocali fossetta visti da ovest

The traditional terrace, with aeolian columns, covered with shadowing canes. This picture has been taken by a window of the same apartment.

terrazza monolocale vista mare

4 people can enjoy dinner on this terrace, by the sea breeze!

terrazza monolocale panorama mare

Same picture in 3D (it is an anaglyph...). Go get your 3d red/blue goggles and enjoy the third dimension! Put the red side on the left eye.

3d monolocale sopra

Interior view. Two wide windows make it a very well lit room. Windows have two opening modes, normal and "up-and-over", for more comfort.

Another interior view, depicting the entrance door on the north side, facing the traditional rock path binding Fossetta and Pecorini localities.
On the left the kitchen area, with freezer, microwave oven, gas cooking stoves, a big sink.
On the right the bathroom door.

Quite the same view, plus a detail of the ceiling fan.

Cooking area.

Cooking area as seen from the terrace.

A picture of the bathroom (there's also a shower, yet it is not visible in this picture).


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Email 2: coolroz@yahoo.com (write "filicudi" in the subject for a faster reply)