Apartment "Aquilone" (read: a-koo-eel-on-ee)

A great solution for a couple or 3-4 people, "Aquilone" is an independent apartment. Incidentally: aquilone means "kite".

In the following picture, the apartment "aquilone" is in position number 1, it's in Filicudi Fossetta right under the church of Pecorini, which is labeled by number 3. Our other villas are in position 2, less than 100 steps far.

filicudi fossetta

Apartment "Aquilone" stands under the apartment "libellula", both circled in yellow in the following picture.
foto monolocali

Same view, wider angle.
monolocali fossetta visti da ovest

"Aquilone" is a big single room apartment, without a big terrace, yet with a small space in front of the south door, in which there is a little table for 2 people. There is no sea view from the windows.

The kitchen area (south exposed, yet in the shadow of the wall of the nearby house).Now view from those windows, just a wide, no windows , rouded angles traditional aeolian house-wall).

cucina del monolocale sotto

The aparment is well furnished.
Note: the air conditioning is not working as it is really not needed, the aparment is very cool). A ceiling fan does a great job.
angolo pranzo


Actually above the green furniture there is a big mirror (not in the picture,sorry).
The door you see in the picture leads to the fully furnished bathroom.
entrata servizi

The night area, with a double bed.

Bathroom interior.
detagglio bagno

Everything is there.
dettaglio bagno

The shower.

The entrance of the aparment (ok, the mattress shouldn't be in the picture, yet have no other pictures right now!).The mobile coat hook on the right side of the picture has been replaced by an open fir shelf.

vista interna verso sud

The south exposed entrance, with the little table.
The garden you see in the picture is not part of the house.
terrazzino esterno

Same place fro the upper terrace of the Libellula apartment, on the upper story.
terrazzino visto da libellula


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