Apartment "Mannaredda"

interno mannareddaMannaredda is not available in 2010. Sorry.
please ask for "Libellula" , "Aquilone" or "Cielo Stellato".

Mannaredda is a little single room apartment, very small yet comfortable. It's great for couples getting along well. Incidentally :it is also my preferred accomodation!



The interior of "mannaredda".

interno mannaredda

It is small, yet well furnished: machine washer, refrigerator, little kitchen area, fan. Space is highly optimized here!

interno mannaredda

The bathroom, sadly, is separated from the main room only by a sliding tent. This is a little black spot in this jewel, easily overridable through a good use of the resource (while in use the partner can enjoy the beauty of the panorama in the little garden outside!).
This makes "mannaredda" a suggested place just for very close couples or friends.

interno mannaredda

The garden outside

The apartment is accessible through a little stair, leading to the path between Fossetta, Pecorini and Canale.

vista esterno mannaredda

The little panoramic garden is gorgeous.
There's an almond tree for your outdoor naps in its shadow.

The night panorama is idylliac. White spots in the picture are stars!

You haven't seen so many stars in your life, I can assure you, unless you've been in a desert far away from any city.
From here you'll spot for the very first time the milky way (you haven't seen it before, do you?)

The stars on the sea horizon are sicilian lights.
The white light in the picture is a full bright moon.

sicilian panorama

Outside, in front of the door there's a little rock-paved floor, with a table for two, some chairs: it's great to have dinner in the open air durng summer or have breakfast in nature.

There's also a little outdoor shower, to get refreshed during the hot summer days.

giardino mannaredda

A picture of the stair leading to the door of Mannaredda.
There's green everywhere!

scala accesso mannaredda


Plan of the apartment:

Monovano Mannaredda

"Casa" = the apartment mannaredda, single room
"Terrazzino" = little lava rock paved terrace
"Giardinetto" = the garden, with a fig tree, an almond tree, a mandarin tree, and aromatic plants

"Mannaredda" interior:

Pianta Interno Mannaredda

Interior "section" of "mannaredda".

Please note that the bathroom area has an arc roof, which top is 1,80m high. The rest of the apartment is 2,05meters high.

The two arc shown in the "section"plan are used as closet for luggages, dresses. If needed the middle one can be managed with a mattress.

Sezione frontale dell'interno del monolocale Mannaredda.


It's located in "Fossetta - Pecorini", near the Church of Pecorini.

Panorama di Filicudi Pecorini e Fossetta. 2007


Other infos :

Single room apartment, fully furnished,plus bathroom area, shower,wc, bidet. Beds: a double bed.

gorgeous panoramic view, garden, independent
Total relax!
Private road to ample private parking nearby the apartment
cooking area, refrigerator with freezer-box, washing machine, fan, shower inside and outside
Ten minute walk to the sea of pecorini, twenty minutes from the most gorgeous beach of the island.
Near the house, at 10 minutes walking, 1 minute by car, there are: food shops, groceries, coffe and cappucini bar, pizzerias, restaurants, disco. The noise of none of the above can be heard frm the house (expecially the Disco!). So the place is great for absolute relax!
On the island you can rent scooters, boats, rubber-dinghys,canoas,windsurfs, scuba equipment.
Guided tours and excursions of the island are available.
In summer 2008 will be available a new underwater archeological tour near capo graziano!! don't miss it! You don't need to be a scuba pro to take it!
English, French and Italian spoken.