Getting to filicudi is easy

Aliscafo per Filicudi

How to get to Filicudi Island. The easy way!

Filicudi can be reached easily from Milazzo (20 minutes from Messina), and from Palermo.
The nearest airports are Palermo, Catania and Reggio Calabria.

Usually from outside italy it is easier to get to Palermo Airport in the morning, then take an hydrofoil (at around 2pm)from Palermo port to Filicudi.

From Milazzo you can take a ferry ( Siremar, Ustica Lines, NGI), or an hydrofoil.

In the links section on the right there are useful links to trasportation companies like : Siremar, Ustica Lines, NGI, Sais, Giuntabus.

Always remember to check the timetables in the websites and check the "news" section to avoid unscheduled surprises.

mappa eolie

By air you can get also to the town of Catania, there take a bus to messina (SAIS), where you'll easily spot the GIUNTABUS bus to Milazzo near the arrival bus station.

Cars cannot land in Filicudi and other aeolian islands during the summer, unless you have got a written declaration in which you state that you've a private parking area in the island, AND that you'll stay on the island for more than a week.
Our houses have a private parking area for you!
So if you're gonna stay for a week of just a bit less we can provide you a signed declaration.

Il molo del porto di Filicudi

In Filicudi (like in other aeolian islands) it is strongly forbidden camping.

Useful links and phone numbers

Be sure to print this page and take it with you!

Siremar - (from Palermo, Milazzo and Messina)
hydrofoil and ships (Phone. +39 090 9283242) - Timetables

Usticalines -
check timetables.
Milazzo Ustica Lines Office:
Phone +39 090 9287821 - Info line +39 340 9023731
Palermo Ustica Lines Office: Phone +39 091 333 333 / 324255

N.G.I. (website) ferry, only few days per week, usually on saturdays
Phone: Milazzo +39 090 9284091 / 9283415

Airports and airlines

Airport of Catania :
Airport of Palermo :

AirOne phone numbers:

199 20 70 80* (check website for call costs)
from Italy
+39 06 48880069
from out of Italy
Every day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Wind Jet +39 899.65.65.05 (check their web site for call costs, from italy landline it's about 0.96€/minute,very high!)

Meridiana call center: 892 928 from Italy; outside italy: +39 0789 52682 (check websites for call costs).

Bus services

- SAIS : BUS Reggio Calabria - Messina

- Bus from Messina to the harbor of Milazzo (and vice versa) : GIUNTABUS S. & C. srl , 98122  Messina (ME) - 8, v. Terranova,
Phone: (+39) 090 673782, (+39) 090 675749

- From the airport of FONTANA ROSSA in Catania, there are:

- a daily bus line ( in the afternoon, not very useful to get to filicudi in the same day, ok if you spend the night somewhere like Milazzo, or Lipari) Catania - Milazzo bus service, by GIUNTABUS
Phone: +39 090 673782, 090 675749

- many bus rides every day from Catania airport\town\ to Messina S.A.I.S. tel. +39 090 771914


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