Apartment "Cielo Stellato" ("starry sky")

interno stanza cielo stellatoCielo stellato (it means "starry sky"), is an independent apartment, with a big room, a big terrace with a great panorama, a little entrance-room, and a bathroom with shower and bidet.

It's great for couples!

View is great during the day, gorgeous by night! Sicily is in front of you with its lights, reflections, and its mountains over the sea.

It is located in "Fossetta", near che church of Pecorini, easily accessible from the main street by car, with two parking places ( it is important to have a parking here, because otherwise you can't bring your car on the island in the summer).

A great place !

Panorama of Pecorini and Fossetta.
The circled houses show the location of "cielo stellato" apartment.

Panorama di Filicudi Pecorini e Fossetta. 2007

A view of "starry sky" as seen from "villa cactus".

Vista dalla casa Cactus

The interior

The interior of the main room. See the big traditional aeolian double bed?
The yellow door leads to the back entry room (and the garden on the back of the house), and to the bathroom.

interno stanza cielo stellato

A table, to write psotcards to your friends at home or for your laptop, with TV (satellite will be ready for mid july), an hi-fi stereo with cd reader fro your relaxing moments, soft lights, a mini library.

particolari interno

In this picture you can see the traditional ceiling with wood beams, and the ceiling fan.
interno stanza

View from the bed: the terrace , the sea, sicily!

vista interna dal letto

The huge panoramic terrace

Here's the ample terrace, seen from the roof of the nearby villa "Villa Patty"). Half terrace is covered with shadowing canes, while half it's sunny so you can take sunbathes and watch the starry sky by night.

The panorama is great (did I mention it yet !?!), you can see Sicily and in clear days even the Etna volcano, and its smoky hat.

On the east side the terrace has a sliding tent to have shadow (if you like it) in the morning (it is not visible in this picture as it was not yet mounted when I took the photo).

terrazza panoramica fossetta

The backyard garden.

L'entrata dal retro, con un piccolo spazio lastricato di pietra per rilassarsi ed un giardinetto coltivato con vite, feijoa, mandorli, agrumi, capperi, rosmarino ed altre piante.

The Panorama

The night panorama is idyllic. White spots in the sky are stars! You haven't seen so many stars in your life, I can assure you, unless you've been in a desert far from any city.
From here you'll spot for the very first time the milky way (you haven't seen it before, do you?)

The stars on the sea horizon are sicilian lights. The white light in the picture is a full bright moon.

The bathroom

A little view of the fully furnished bathroom.
There's a sink, wc, bidet, shower... and even heating for your winter holidays!

Shower with porthole... !


The back entrance room

Here there are a couple of shelves with kitchen and house furnitures.

The freezer is here too.

The door leads to the back yard garden, to the path leading to one of the two accesses to the main street ( near, yet enough distant to avoid you noises).

Detail of the niche.
Not so important, though, yet as I made the picture I want to show it!!!

particolare nicchia